The Tin Man

The Tin Man's heart is not only worn on his sleeve, but also strapped to his back telling emotional stories through a hollow-bodied guitar. Paired with a seasoned voice unashamed of its raw vulnerability, you quickly find your own heart beating in sync with these anthemic songs. It’s the sound of relationships past and inner struggles present, balanced with the hope of a brighter future. It’s a southern sound bread out of a youthful love for The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, and Tom Petty.

Those who encounter him invest both their money and their heart into the music. And they remember it. Word for word. Show after show. The fan base continues to grow as more and more people connect with the honesty in his lyrics and the hooks in his melodies. It’s infectious. A cathartic therapy session in each song.

Own a piece of the music.

Every bracelet is made using our partner musician’s recycled guitar strings.

Each one-of-a-kind bracelet will be handcrafted and styles will vary depending on the strings donated.

The Tin Man Bracelet


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