Keaton Simons

Keaton Simons photo
photo by Hannah Clemens

Keaton Simons can literally do it all: melt ya with his perfectly crafted mellow tunes & then rock your face off with his downright nasty guitar work.

Keaton's latest EP is as solid as it gets. Ask him about making his EP, 123 Go and his answer is as authentic as the six songs on the record. "I took a step back and poured all my focus into the music and the moment."

Keaton has often played with other artists throughout his career, including Snoop Dogg, Skimkid3 from The Pharcyde, Gnarles Barkley, and most recently, Chris Cornell. "I'm blessed to have worked with such amazing people, learn from them and make some incredible music."

Continuing to add to that impressive list, Keaton can currently be found touring as the lead guitarist with popular country artist Brett Young.

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